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The Promise of Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars are coming, and along with them some huge wins for humanity. This article outlines how driverless technology is poised to give us more time, safety, autonomy, and efficiency. Worldwide, there is a death on our roads every 23 seconds, according to @WHO. Let’s work to do better.https://t.co/XFTrUWRcqe pic.twitter.com/yk35ljO68c — Waymo (@Waymo) December

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Wimahl (Columbia)

Midnight blue ribbon Slices the west Scars from tears linger as wrinkles and shadows Missoula floods Humans abide Controlling the uncontrollable Dams, houses, farms, Strychnine wolf plan However temporary Feed the cattle Revere the masses Oh. It’s messy Not maliciously so It is the way Like rivers, ways will change Water will flow

Bike Commute in Wildfire Smoke

Air quality in Portland has now hit the unhealthy range due to wildfire smoke from fires raging in Washington and British Columbia. More smoke is on the way tonight, this time from north central and eastern Washington and British Columbia. Expect to wake up to even more smoke on Monday morning. For the latest air

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The Hurdles of Getting Into Biking and How to Get Over Them

Looking back on how great biking to work in Portland has been, a fleeting thought often crosses my mind, “why didn’t I start sooner?” In reflecting on this question, I’ve determined there were a number of things that held me back from riding. The things that stopped me however, have quite easy fixes. The reasons

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Ode to Anthony Bourdain

When I think about Anthony Bourdain, I think about sardines (he has a great episode about canned fish on the NW coast of France). I think about how I quit smoking before him, but seeing his struggle to quit play out after mine helped keep me strong and off those calamity sticks. Anthony taught me

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