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Small Business Owners: You Need the Google My Business App

If you own or manage a “local business”, a business with a physical store front or a local service area, the new Google My Business app will help you control your business’s Google Maps listing! Here’s Google’s hype video on the newly updated app: Key Google My Business App Features Ensure business info is accurate

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Why I Decided to Use WordPress.com for Oakfive.com

This article describes a personal journey to find a website platform that works well with my technical abilities, budget, and knowledge about digital marketing. As you’ll read I didn’t land on the perfect platform (maybe that doesn’t exist), but I’m happy with my decision to go with WordPress.com. Read on to find out why. I’ve

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10 Marketing Skills to Improve in 2018 via Digital Marketing Sage Larry Kim

If you’re a marketer, I recommend you give WordStream and Mobile Monkey founder, Larry Kim, a follow. He is a prolofic writer covering the latest digital marketing techniques in concise and digestible infographics, articles, and listicles. Here’s a great example of one of Larry’s articles: 10 Skills Every Marketer Should Master in 2018 10 Skills

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