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Wimahl (Columbia)

Midnight blue ribbon Slices the west Scars from tears linger as wrinkles and shadows Missoula floods Humans abide Controlling the uncontrollable Dams, houses, farms, Strychnine wolf plan However temporary Feed the cattle Revere the masses Oh. It’s messy Not maliciously so It is the way Like rivers, ways will change Water will flow

Justice for Pat Pat

From yesterday #BlackLivesMatter #PatrickKimmons #pdx#DontShootPDX #JusticeForPatPat pic.twitter.com/yHW2lUhRNP — Pootin's Apprentice (@sgeez) October 2, 2018 #GONETOSOON #ENOUGHISENOUGH #BLACKLIVESMATTER #SAYHISNAME #JUSTICEFORPATPAT ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™Everyone Please Share! Portland Police shot and KILLED another black man! A son, a father, a brother, a family member and a friend was lost and MURDERED BY PORTLAND POLICE! https://t.co/Pv8sx3YLpi — Shalece (@BossNailBabe) October 2,

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The Downsides of Sweaters

Do you like my sweater?#SweaterWeather #thriftstore https://t.co/KBswEAhCeS pic.twitter.com/w1HpAUiaT6 — Nathan Corliss (@oakfive) September 18, 2018 The Downsides of (wool) Sweaters They stretch They pile They’re difficult to wash They have questionable environmental consequences (e.g. desertification in China) Moths sometimes eat them The Upsides of (wool) Sweaters Profound warmth They continue to insulate when wet Sweaters

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Bike Commute in Wildfire Smoke

Air quality in Portland has now hit the unhealthy range due to wildfire smoke from fires raging in Washington and British Columbia. More smoke is on the way tonight, this time from north central and eastern Washington and British Columbia. Expect to wake up to even more smoke on Monday morning. For the latest air

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The Hurdles of Getting Into Biking and How to Get Over Them

Looking back on how great biking to work in Portland has been, a fleeting thought often crosses my mind, “why didn’t I start sooner?” In reflecting on this question, I’ve determined there were a number of things that held me back from riding. The things that stopped me however, have quite easy fixes. The reasons

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Google Maps List: My Favorite Restaurants in Portland

When I tell people I’m from Portland, they often ask if it really rains all the time (it’s complicated), if it’s really like the show Portlandia (it is), and where I love to eat. On the last question, there are WAY TOO MANY PLACES IN PORTLAND THAT I LOVE TO EAT. Even if I just

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