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The “Grandma vs Baby” Self Driving Car Thought Experiment is a Farce

The MIT technology review recently published the findings of a thought experiment: Given only two choices should a self driving car run over a grandma, or a baby? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612341/a-global-ethics-study-aims-to-help-ai-solve-the-self-driving-trolley-problem/ Thought experiments are fun. Heck, they can be an important philosophical exercise to help us uncover what we really value. This MIT ethics study showed that

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Thankful For

Each year around November, I meditate on what I’m thankful for. Late October marks the night where my brother, Chad, was horrifically injured in a drunk driving accident (in 2001). This tragedy, and his living triumph informs much of who I am. If you wonder why I obsess over selfdriving cars, or the rights and

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