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8 Ways to Cure the Common Cold

Beat the common cold with these 8 tips Eat and drink fermented food (kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc.) The boost in probiotics from these foods could support your immune system. Avoid added sugar – I think there’s a strong correlation between the rise of the common cold and increased sugar intake over the holidays. Sugar is

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How to Get Started with Wim Hof Breathing

Wim Hof breathing is a breathing technique that helps one control their own physiology. What happens one hour after breathing?…#wimhof #wimhofmethod #innerfire #coldexposure #mindset #breathing #breath pic.twitter.com/1UqWlyUtvc — Wim Hof (@Iceman_Hof) November 3, 2018 This technique has been clinically proven to reduce the ill-effects (literally) of pathogen exposure; regulate fear and anxiety responses and most

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How to Defeat Mondays

Why are Mondays rough? I meditated on this, and as a 8-5er I determined Mondays are especially difficult because there are five days ahead of work (duh, right?!). Five days of people or responsibilities asking things of oneself. As the week progresses, the amount of time belonging to others or tasks dissipates, both naturally as

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