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The “Grandma vs Baby” Self Driving Car Thought Experiment is a Farce

The MIT technology review recently published the findings of a thought experiment: Given only two choices should a self driving car run over a grandma, or a baby? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612341/a-global-ethics-study-aims-to-help-ai-solve-the-self-driving-trolley-problem/ Thought experiments are fun. Heck, they can be an important philosophical exercise to help us uncover what we really value. This MIT ethics study showed that

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The Promise of Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars are coming, and along with them some huge wins for humanity. This article outlines how driverless technology is poised to give us more time, safety, autonomy, and efficiency. Worldwide, there is a death on our roads every 23 seconds, according to @WHO. Let’s work to do better.https://t.co/XFTrUWRcqe pic.twitter.com/yk35ljO68c — Waymo (@Waymo) December

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Selfdriving Cars Are Here; Waymo Announces First Ever Production Ready Driverless Car, the Electric Jaguar I-Pace

Autonomous vehicle company Waymo, just had a YouTube livestream today announcing the first ever production ready self-driving car: Jaguar I-PACE Intro Video: This is a production ready Electric Jaguar I-PACE, that is ready to be on the road in the United States this year. Waymo CEO, John Krafcik, said that they will begin making 20,000

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