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Fight Fire with Fire: The Radical Success of Oregon’s Prescribed Burn Program (Fiction)

This fictional narrative is largely inspired by Dr. Paul Hessberg’s TedX talk, Era of Megafires. And conversations around how the 9:00 am policy of all fires out by 9 am the next day has caused a massive build up of fuels. Some fire is good for the ecosystem. Check out Outside Magazines recent podcast for

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So Intense: @ForestServiceNW Tweets a Timeline of the St Helens Eruption Commemorating the Eruption’s 38th Anniversary

The St Helens Eruption in Tweets The NW Branch of the US Forest Service Counts down the May 18th, 1980 Mt St Helens eruption via tweets: A serene scene of a family fishing on Spirit Lake under the seemingly peaceful eye of Mount St. Helens a brief time before the eruption. #History #photography pic.twitter.com/qdU9NbjgOy —

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