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Three Reasons to Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree (in a National Forest) this Year

Armed with a $5 permit, you can go into a national forest, and cut down your own Christmas tree. Forest Service Website with the Details: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/mthood/passes-permits/forestproducts/?cid=stelprd3793203 Why cut down your own Christmas tree? It’s cheap – though you’ll have to pay for the $5 permit, a saw (consider borrowing one from a friend or renting

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Wimahl (Columbia)

Midnight blue ribbon Slices the west Scars from tears linger as wrinkles and shadows Missoula floods Humans abide Controlling the uncontrollable Dams, houses, farms, Strychnine wolf plan However temporary Feed the cattle Revere the masses Oh. It’s messy Not maliciously so It is the way Like rivers, ways will change Water will flow

Fight Fire with Fire: The Radical Success of Oregon’s Prescribed Burn Program (Fiction)

Introduction This fictional narrative is largely inspired by by the ecological debate on the importance of fire for environmental well being. Great places to learn more about this coversation are Dr. Paul Hessberg’s TedX talk, Era of Megafires, and Outside Magazines podcast on an actual story of this issue in action: The latest @outsidemagazine podcast

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