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The Downsides of Sweaters

Do you like my sweater?#SweaterWeather #thriftstore https://t.co/KBswEAhCeS pic.twitter.com/w1HpAUiaT6 — Nathan Corliss (@oakfive) September 18, 2018 The Downsides of (wool) Sweaters They stretch They pile They’re difficult to wash They have questionable environmental consequences (e.g. desertification in China) Moths sometimes eat them The Upsides of (wool) Sweaters Profound warmth They continue to insulate when wet Sweaters

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How to Eat Steak on the Cheap

I’m a big fan of beef, but unfortunately it’s one of the more expensive meats at the grocery store. In order to buy beef for cheap, especially sirloin steak, I’ve put together a super easy to follow strategy to get steak for cheap. Here’s the 🐄 run down: Buy steaks in bulk when they go

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