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Real Salt

Real Salt, is an ancient sea salt that is mined in Utah. It’s similar to Himalayan, but with out the high carbon footprint of being transported halfway around the world.

I use their fine salt and kosher salt for everyday cooking and seasoning. The kosher salt is unreal on popcorn and steak. Choose Real Salt for your next meal.


Lyft is the ethical ride sharing app. They treat their drivers and passengers well. They’re also known for being socially conscious. Get $5 off your first ride by following this link.

First National Student Loan Refinancing

Sarah and I refinanced our student loans with First National Bank. We got a great rate. They made everything easy.

To note: how we refinanced, the loan is no longer a student loan so there is not forgiveness or forbearance. We met as a family determined that the lower payment and lower amount of money going to interest each year made this type of refinancing worth it.

Now through the end of the year if you sign up using our link, you get $200 for refinancing your student loans with them. Get a rate quote from First National here.

Google Stuff

Project Fi – (Google’s Cellular Network)

Project Fi this is Google’s cellular network. I’ve had a great experience using Project Fi in Portland. What’s amazing about Fi is that it is so radically transparent with billing, and cheap! It’s $20 for unlimited talk and text, $10 per gig of data prorated to the 1/2 gig, $5 for insurance, and a few bucks for taxes and fees. I typically pay $40 – $60 per month. Check out Fi here.

G Suite

G Suite is the paid version of Gmail (use your company’s web address for your email), Google Docs, plus some additional cloud functionality. I’ve been using it in a professional capacity since 2011, and have never looked back. It’s also super cheap for what you get, $5/month/user for basic and $10/month/user for the business plan, which comes with unlimited storage (my company currently has me on basic, and I have not ran out of storage.)

Here’s Google’s hype video on what it’s all about.

Sign up for G suite here.


Air BNB is my go-to for hotel accommodations (that aren’t in a hotel). Sign up for Airbnb and get $40 off your first adventure: https://abnb.me/e/MfRZFxbC0R

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