​Meandering I don’t mind if I don’t make this light In fact, I want to linger here On this street corner I’d prefer a bench, but those are occupied by the societies fringe, and lined with empty cans of fortified malt liquor, cigarette butts, and the types of refuse that’s generated when one lives on

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Meals for at or less than $5 in Portland, OR

A number of restaurants in Portland Oregon have decent menu offerings for at or under $5. This is a mix of independent and chain restaurants. Important to note is that none of these $5 options come with a soda, so we recommend sticking with free water. Many of these places accept tips, so we encourage you

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In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), 5 Paradigm Shifting Health Articles You May Have Missed

With the volume of new news out there it’s hard to keep tabs on older, but still relevant health and diet articles. Take a gander at these paradigm shifting topics you may have missed. Please note, this list is not an endorsement of any diet of lifestyle. Consult your doctor before making any changes to

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