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Thankful For

Each year around November, I meditate on what I’m thankful for. Late October marks the night where my brother, Chad, was horrifically injured in a drunk driving accident (in 2001). This tragedy, and his living triumph informs much of who I am. If you wonder why I obsess over selfdriving cars, or the rights and

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Wimahl (Columbia)

Midnight blue ribbon Slices the west Scars from tears linger as wrinkles and shadows Missoula floods Humans abide Controlling the uncontrollable Dams, houses, farms, Strychnine wolf plan However temporary Feed the cattle Revere the masses Oh. It’s messy Not maliciously so It is the way Like rivers, ways will change Water will flow


​Meandering I don’t mind if I don’t make this light In fact, I want to linger here On this street corner I’d prefer a bench, but those are occupied by the societies fringe, and lined with empty cans of fortified malt liquor, cigarette butts, and the types of refuse that’s generated when one lives on

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