We’re in an age of information overload. Many of us are literally addicted to our smart phones and social media. There is so so so so so much noise. Whether it’s ads or algorithms telling us what to like, love, or to be upset about, many of us are missing authenticity, and worse, missing out on truly good things. The idea behind this site is for it to curate and share info and things that make for or contribute to a bonne vie (bonne vie is French for good life).

Our lives have become so dramatically expansive that the writing on this site may seem random at times. You will see everything from in case you missed it (ICYMI) articles, to health and nutrition recommendations to fight eczema and inflammation. We will share things we love, both digital and physical.
From books, to apps, to tools and gadgets, we’ll try to make recommendations and endorsements that hopefully will add more efficiency than clutter to modern life. We’ll weigh whether or not a gadget or a skill will help one live a better life.

Because we love to travel light, we’ll often choose skills over things. Take this example from the kitchen for instance. Do you need that $7 onion dicing gadget or could you learn how to dice an onion from an article like NYT’s Basic Knife Skills or by watching Gordon Ramsay’s instructions on how to chop an onion on YouTube?

Finally, we’d like to hear from our readers. Do you have a question, a thing or an idea you’d like us to do a write up on? Is there feedback or a correction needed to one of our articles?

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