iWant, a Poem

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By Nathan Corliss

I want to go skiing on weekdays, when fresh snow dampens sound, lines are short, and traffic is sparse.

I want to go on unplanned road trips or flights to see old friends and new places.

I want to hole up in cozy towns that exist miles from the nearest interstate. I want to reside in high rise condos in the world’s most magnificent cities.

I want to be a Yogi, and control my breath regardless of circumstance, being able to bend effortlessly in body and mind.

I want to have important and silly conversations with dear friends and family. I want to have these same conversations with strangers. “What’s really scaring you right now?” “What are you really excited about?”

I want to do all these things with warm allies who have their own iWants that I can accompany them on.

I want to be vigerously calm, taking in all the splended things this world has to offer.


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