Month: December 2018

Self Driving Taxis Now Available to Public in Phoenix

Today, autonomous vehicle company Waymo has announced they will now be giving rides to the public as a service called Waymo One. Today, we're taking the next step in our journey with the introduction of our commercial self-driving service, Waymo One. #everystep — Waymo (@Waymo) December 5, 2018 Today @Waymo is taking the

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8 Ways to Cure the Common Cold

Beat the common cold with these 8 tips Eat and drink fermented food (kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc.) The boost in probiotics from these foods could support your immune system. Avoid added sugar – I think there’s a strong correlation between the rise of the common cold and increased sugar intake over the holidays. Sugar is

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iPhone Now Available on Google Fi Cellular Network

Google’s Project Fi, has just rebranded to simply Google Fi. Along with the rebrand they have announced a much larger phone lineup, including the $200 Moto G6¬†and iPhones. Fi is also now allowing people to transfer existing phones to their network. You can see if your phone is eligible for transfer on the¬†Google Fi site.

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