Scientists at Wayne State Offer Further Validation to the Wim Hof Method

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“Iceman”, Wim Hof, submitted himself to scientific examination at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, and the findings are unbelievable.

This is the conclusion from the abstract of the paper that was recently published:

Our results provide compelling evidence for the primacy of the brain (CNS) rather than the body (peripheral mechanisms) in mediating the Iceman’s responses to cold exposure. They also suggest the compelling possibility that the WHM might allow practitioners to develop higher level of control over key components of the autonomous system, with implications for lifestyle interventions that might ameliorate multiple clinical syndromes.

Source: Muzik O, Reilly KT, Diwadkar VA. “Brain over body”-A study on the willful regulation of autonomic function during cold exposure. Neuroimage. 2018;172:632-641.

Read the full abstract here:

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