The Downsides of Sweaters

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The Downsides of (wool) Sweaters

  • They stretch
  • They pile
  • They’re difficult to wash
  • They have questionable environmental consequences (e.g. desertification in China)
  • Moths sometimes eat them
Nate in a wool blend sweater. Background is blue sky with puffy clouds.
H&M Wool blend sweater, purchased for $15 at Portland thriftstore, Crossroads.

The Upsides of (wool) Sweaters

  • Profound warmth
  • They continue to insulate when wet
  • Sweaters are super breathable making them great for skiing, hiking, and bike commuting
  • Naturally antimicrobial, i.e., they don’t stink!
  • You can often get smoking deals on them at thriftstores
  • Pendleton 😍
  • they can pass for business casual

– Nate

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