Month: September 2018

How I Cured My Eczema

I cured my eczema by eliminating potatoes from my diet. That’s right, potatoes were causing my eczema. From the time I was a toddler into my 20s I had eczema. It manifested as red itchy sores in my elbow and knee bends, my eyelids, as cracks on my knuckles and at times random patches elsewhere.

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The Downsides of Sweaters

Do you like my sweater?#SweaterWeather #thriftstore — Nathan Corliss (@oakfive) September 18, 2018 The Downsides of (wool) Sweaters They stretch They pile They’re difficult to wash They have questionable environmental consequences (e.g. desertification in China) Moths sometimes eat them The Upsides of (wool) Sweaters Profound warmth They continue to insulate when wet Sweaters

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