Month: August 2018

Bike Commute in Wildfire Smoke

Air quality in Portland has now hit the unhealthy range due to wildfire smoke from fires raging in Washington and British Columbia. I’m a daily bike commuter in Portland, so having a filter for this gross air is important. To filter this polluted air during my bike commute, I went with a 3M N95 respirator

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How to Defeat Mondays

Why are Mondays rough? I meditated on this, and as a 8-5er I determined Mondays are especially difficult because there are five days ahead of work (duh, right?!). Five days of people or responsibilities asking things of oneself. As the week progresses, the amount of time belonging to others or tasks dissipates, both naturally as

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Fight Fire with Fire: The Radical Success of Oregon’s Prescribed Burn Program (Fiction)

This fictional narrative is largely inspired by Dr. Paul Hessberg’s TedX talk, Era of Megafires. And conversations around how the 9:00 am policy of all fires out by 9 am the next day has caused a massive build up of fuels. Some fire is good for the ecosystem. Check out Outside Magazines recent podcast for

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