Google Maps List: My Favorite Restaurants in Portland

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When I tell people I’m from Portland, they often ask if it really rains all the time (it’s complicated), if it’s really like the show Portlandia (it is), and where I love to eat.

On the last question, there are WAY TOO MANY PLACES IN PORTLAND THAT I LOVE TO EAT. Even if I just rattled restaurants and food carts off one by one, the list would be hard to follow. What’s more, it would be lost to imperfect memory.

As a Google Local Guide, I thought, what better way to curate my local knowledge of Portland eateries than by creating a Google Maps List.

**Drum roll please**

My Google Maps List: “PDX Eats and Drinks

(Learn more about what Google Maps lists are and how to make one on this prior blog article.)

Though I’m not a hardcore foodie, this Google Maps list can be reference point and guide for those venturing through Portland looking for a tasty bite. From divy to decadant, from meaty to meat-free, my list has my favorite restaurants in Portland.

Please check out my list, and if you love it (or hate it), be sure to let me know.

– Nate

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