So Intense: @ForestServiceNW Tweets a Timeline of the St Helens Eruption Commemorating the Eruption’s 38th Anniversary

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The St Helens Eruption in Tweets

The NW Branch of the US Forest Service Counts down the May 18th, 1980 Mt St Helens eruption via tweets:

A true hero. Thank you for your service, David:

“I was outside contemplating what to put in the raised planting beds of our newly constructed passive solar house. I heard a sonic boom. We had just received 2 grey kittens from my sister Terry. We decided to name them Smoke and Ash,”

– Craig Corliss – 154 miles from Mount St Helens, in Eugene, OR at the time of the eruption.

The Oregon BLM and others also have tweeted about the eruption:

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Aerial image of mt St Helens at sunrise (post eruption)
Photo credit: Sergei Akulich on

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