How to Send People Directly to Your Business’s Google Review Page


Are you a business owner or manager of a Google My Business (GMB) listing who wants to send people directly to your review page on Google so they can leave a review? Here’s how:

Step 1: Build a link to send folks directly to the GMB ratings page:

Step 2: Test Your Link

Your Google ratings link will be useless if it doesn’t actually work. Ensure it works by testing it! Email the link to friends or family and have them test it on both desktop and mobile.

Consider making your link into a short link using a service like (Then test it again.)

Step 3: Share Your Link

Now that you have the link, share it. You can text or email it to clients. You can post it to social media or your website. The possibilities for sharing the link are really quite expansive.

Whatever you do, make you’re following Google’s review guidelines and really aim to share this link with the goal of getting people to share authentic experiences they had with your business. People can spot fake reviews a mile away.

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