How to Smoke Chicken (or any other meat for that matter) on a Weber Gas Grill

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Smoking meat like chicken gives it an awesome savory flavor, and it’s really easy to do. Though fancy smokers like Traegers are freaking awesome, you can smoke on just about any gas grill. In my case I’m using an old Weber gas grill that I refurbished a few years back.

Here’s a video on how the smoking on a gas grill technique works:

I hope the video was pretty straight forward on how to smoke on a gas grill. Simply buy some large chunk smoking wood like apple, mesquite, or hickory at your local grocery store or on Amazon Prime. Throw a chunk on your grill and let it smolder.

Cook your food while the wood chunk smolders and it will impart a nice smoky flavor.

In this instance I made some pretty bomb smoked chicken, but I’ve used this technique to make smoked ribs, turkey, salmon, trout, and more. One key is to keep an eye on the wood chunk to ensure it smolders, but doesn’t have any visible flames.

If it does flame there will be less smoke and more heat, which can be detrimental to what you’re cooking. If your wood chunk does catch on fire, use some tongs to move it away from the heat source, or somewhere safe off the grill until it stops flaming then put it back on the grill.

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More on smoking and grilling setups/equipment:

Do you have beaucoup bucks? Just buy a Traeger Smoker – they’re some of the best smokers out there.

Need a gas grill that will last you for many years (with some replacement parts now and then)? Buy a Weber Gas Grill.

Strapped for cash? Check Craigslist for cheap or even free Weber grills. After procuring a cheap used Weber Grill, for around $100 bucks you can replace the grates, flavorizor, and burner tubes, essentially giving you a work looking (on the outside), but super effective gas grill.

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