Three Books To Help You Save Time, Get Inspired, and Be More Efficient

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These three books have shaped how I tackle getting things done. From handling work efficiently, to prioritization, to better managing and getting through the administrative duties of every day life, these books have changed how I interact with my precious time.

They Did It, So Can You: Rework

Rework isn’t so much of a guide, it’s more of a philosophical summary of how prolific project management software company Basecamp came into being and thrived. The book is a writing collaboration of the Basecamp team on time and business management principles they applied to become an incredibly lean, but extremely popular project management software company.

Playbook on Effeciency: Less Doing More Living

This book has been a game changer for me. My Mom recommended it to me several years ago after listening to my encessant complaints about my work load. Needless to say it made a major impact.

In addition to having a snappy narrative this book literally lists 100s maybe 1,000s of resources to be more efficient. From email rules, to remote assistants, this book is a repository of resources and techniques you can begin using immediately to become more efficient. In addition to the book linked below, the author, Ari Meisel, has gone on to create a website and social media presence which can keep you up to speed on his latest findings and tactics. This book will make you believe you can complete your to-do list regardless of how daunting it’s become.

I personally bought the book on Audible, and revisit it when I’m working out or on a drive for reminders on the tools, tactics, and resources that he shares.

Check out Less Doing More Living on Amazon.

Manage Your To-Dos: Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is a methodology that centers around consolidating and prioritizing all of your to-dos. If you’re like me, or anyone for that matter, you probably have countless to-dos and many more vagueries floating around causing needless stress. It’s needless because the Getting Things Done strategy can help you organize all of your tasks, prioritize them and either act, let them go, or save them for later.

After reading this book, I applied a digital twist, and applied the principals of to-do organization to free online task management software Trello. I have plans to do a write up on this strategy down the road, please comment or tweet me if you want to see it sooner.

Getting Things Done is available on Amazon including Kindle and Audible if you’re interested in checking it out.

These three books have given me one of the most precious things I have, time. If you’re interested in getting more efficient, and getting more done in less time, then check out these three books.

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