Time To Change Your Home Air Filter

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This is a friendly reminder to change your home’s air filter. After just over three months of service, my furnace’s air filter is filthy. Check out this side by side comparison:

For around $20 I’ve replaced my 3M Filtrete 1500. I chose to get this filter again because in addition to the normal filtering, this one it is extrostatically charged which I think helps it trap even more polutants. This filter also traps viruses and bacteria which gives me some added reassurance throughout cold season.

I think on top of living in a dusty old house (my house was built in 1895), this filter has that blackish color from collecting soot from the fragrant candles we burned from pumpkin spice, to pine, and finally vanilla over the last four months.

Overall I’m really happy with this filter, which you can get at your local hardware store or on Amazon, but even if you don’t buy this one, give your filter a look and consider replacing it, especially if it looks as bad as mine.

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