Month: April 2018

DIY Rear Rack Mounted Bike Fender for Less Than $5

I recently upgraded my bike’s rear rack to a Axiom Streamliner Road DLX rack. The rack is sweet, and a nice upgrade, but due to it’s low profile design, my fender didn’t fit under it. Rather than go out and buy a new fender, I decided to see if I could jury-rig a fender using

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Wüsthof Kitchen Knife Set – 10 Year Review

Wusthof 6' Chef's Knife, on butch block and cobb of corn.

Having a great knife set can transform your kitchen. It seems to make everything easier, and cooking more fun. I’ve had my Wüsthof kitchen knife set for just over 10 years, and I remain a huge fan. Here are my go-to blades, and some basics on my experience in care and upkeep. The very cool

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Why I Decided to Use for

This article describes a personal journey to find a website platform that works well with my technical abilities, budget, and knowledge about digital marketing. As you’ll read I didn’t land on the perfect platform (maybe that doesn’t exist), but I’m happy with my decision to go with Read on to find out why. I’ve

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I’m a Google Local Guide and So Can You

I’ve been a Google Local Guide for just over 2 years. It has been a great experience on so many levels. I’ve received perks from Google. From small: like a free trial of YouTube Red; to big: I got selected to the Local Guides Summit (now called Connect Live), in 2017. In addition to perks,

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Three Books To Help You Save Time, Get Inspired, and Be More Efficient

These three books have shaped how I tackle getting things done. From handling work efficiently, to prioritization, to better managing and getting through the administrative duties of every day life, these books have changed how I interact with my precious time. They Did It, So Can You: Rework Rework isn’t so much of a guide,

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Time To Change Your Home Air Filter

This is a friendly reminder to change your home’s air filter. After just over three months of service, my furnace’s air filter is filthy. Check out this side by side comparison: For around $20 I’ve replaced my 3M Filtrete 1500. I chose to get this filter again because in addition to the normal filtering, this

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