10 Marketing Skills to Improve in 2018 via Digital Marketing Sage Larry Kim

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If you’re a marketer, I recommend you give WordStream and Mobile Monkey founder, Larry Kim, a follow. He is a prolofic writer covering the latest digital marketing techniques in concise and digestible infographics, articles, and listicles.
Here’s a great example of one of Larry’s articles: 10 Skills Every Marketer Should Master in 2018
Text Summary of 10 Skills Every Marketer Should Master in 2018
  1. Content Creation
  2. Omnichannel Communications
  3. Fluency in visual language
  4. Analytical skills
  5. Influencer engagement
  6. Storytelling
  7. Understanding data and metrics
  8. Analyzing emotions
  9. Social Media Research
  10. Networking
Want to learn more about each of these, google or tweet Larry Kim, or comment on this blog to discuss.

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